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Project completed in September 2021 and fully reserved in May 2021


St Helens


This was the former central office for the Post Office, acquired by Nicholson Group when COVID-19 outbreak gripped the nation. At a time when many developers ceased trading Nicholson Group continued to develop and undertook the huge task of:

1) converting the original footprint into 10 apartments;

2) extending the rear elevation outwards and up 2 storey to create 4 executive apartments all of which have cantilevered balconies, which are aesthetically pleasing;

3) extending upwards on the original roof 2 stories creating 4 penthouses with balconies and 2 duplex apartments with private rooftop gardens, the first of its kind in the borough. To honour this achievement a secret private entrance was created now known as the Sky Residence;

4) splitting the originally ground floor retail space into 4 separate retail units targeting the demand for independent retailers which our in-house lettings team let prior to acquisition.



18 luxury residential apartments

Home to the renowned American Kandy Store and other successful independent businesses.

Owned & Managed by Nicholson Group

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